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Holocraft is a program that allows for the generation of unique 'specular holograms' which are a type of hologram that relies on the manipulation of reflected light to produce a holographic effect.

Similar to a 'scratch hologram' (aka 'abrasion hologram') a specular hologram is an optically-accurate surface that produces a rigid undistorted holographic image. This is in contrast to scratch holograms, which are constructed through the use of circular-arc scratches or grooves embedded into a shiny medium.

Scratch holograms offer a similar effect with the exception that the holographic image distorts and deforms outside of a narrow viewing range.

Holocraft takes 3D model files as input, and provides the user various options for manipulating how the final hologram image will appear. The user then is able to output the requisite toolpaths as either a raster image, a vector image, or CNC 'g-code' for direct hologram fabrication using a CNC machine.

Published Apr 04, 2016
StatusIn development
AuthorDeftware Industries
Tags3D, cnc, Generator, hologram, optics, specular-hologram
Average sessionA few minutes


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Hey is it ready to buy it the sofware? 

Please contact me Lucasbeathyate@gmail.com! Thnx´s!

Dear Mr.  Van Nuland,

Are you selling a complete solution? If not can I buy the Holocraft software?

Best regards,



Hola! estoy interesado en obtener el programa, estoy terminando una muestra artistica en Uruguay. Y me gustaría exponer algunas obras con estas caracteristicas, obviamente con los respectivos creditos a los desarrolladores del programa lucasbeathyate@gmail.com es mi mail

This looks amazing!  Is there any way to download / purchase Holocraft?   I'd LOVE to play around with it!


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Hi, apologies for the delay in reply. I'm not currently offering Holocraft for sale to the public yet as it is destined to become a facet of a final CAD/CAM package for DIY hobby CNCer's. If someone only wants Holocraft then that's the only 'option' they are charged for (along with the base CAD/CAM program fee). There will be a variety of optional features users can pay for, so they're not forced to shell out a few hundred bucks just for 1 or 2 features that they might use in existing programs.

Hey, is this software available for download yet? It looks incredible and I'd love to use it to make some holograms. Thanks, Sarah