v1.45a - Misc bugfixes and improvements

There's not a tremendous amount involved with this update, it's a rather small one that fixes a few things - some of which were introduced with v1.44a.

Here's the changes.txt:

  • increased raster-brush fade rate scaling
  • improved performance of heavy heightmap compute performed on GPU
  • improved horizontal finishing minimum angle precision and speed
  • improved quality of shapes-from-paths and stroke-paths functions
  • fixed inverted "confine cuts" logic
  • fixed crash when duplicating text-layer
  • fixed crash caused when undo/redo occurs while project is auto-saving
  • fixed crash when generating medial-axis toolpath with rest-machining enabled
  • fixed tessellated carving max-depth not working properly
  • fixed loading OBJ models with faces specifying negative count-relative vertices
  • fixed tabbing on profiling operation
  • fixed raster-along-paths preview when in double-paths mode along Y-axis
  • fixed rest-machining not working properly when confine cuts is enabled

A few new features are to be added in the coming months but in the meantime work is focused on creating learning resources, tutorials, videos, and moving the store page from itch.io to a more complete and capable platform.

Stay tuned!


PixelCNC v1.45a (64-bit).zip 3 MB
Feb 16, 2021
PixelCNC v1.45a (32-bit).zip 2 MB
Feb 16, 2021
PixelCNC v1.45a Trial (64-bit).zip 3 MB
Feb 16, 2021
PixelCNC v1.45a Trial (32-bit).zip 2 MB
Feb 16, 2021

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