v1.51a - Hotfixes: Offset Limiting Max Depth, Adding Path Sweep Profiles, etc.

This is a small update to fix a few issues that arose as a product of some new features and changes made in v1.50a. The downloads for v1.50a were taken down simply because they're almost the same except lacking the fixes, just to keep down on the number of downloads that are shown on the PixelCNC store page.

Automatic updates have been packaged and uploaded for distribution.

The changes.txt for v1.51a are:

  •  added a one-time switching of the UI font to Verdana if still set to Fixedsys
  •  fixed Max Depth of Profiling, Pocketing, and Medial-Axis ops being limited by Offset
  •  fixed bottom-plane rendering of text-layers when cropped with axes flipped/mirrored
  •  fixed Sweep Paths function to not allowing paths to be added to Sweep Profiles
  •  fixed layer cropping while scaling symmetrically or aspect-conserving
  •  fixed raster-editing functions not reliably updating canvas preview
  •  decreased opacity of raster and text-layer bottom-plane rendering
  •  changed name of layer Flip-axis toggles to Mirror-axis
  •  changed order of layer properties

The Max Depth of carving operations has been changed in v1.50a to be limited from the bottom of the canvas by the amount set for the Leave Stock parameter. Because the Leave Stock parameter doubles as the Offset parameter for the Profiling, Pocketing, and Medial-Axis operations, this was preventing those operations from being able to reach a Max Depth equal to the canvas' depth, which was not intended.

A quick check added to v1.50a to prevent closed paths from being added to the Path Sweep profiles had its logic backwards and would only allow closed paths to be added to a sweep's profiles list (doh!)

Text-layers' bottom plane content rendering would be wrong when cropping a text-layer that is mirrored on the same axis being cropped. This was a bug with raster-layers as well a few versions ago but the fix hadn't been applied to text-layers as well.

When holding the ALT key to crop a layer users could also press/hold the CTRL and/or SHIFT keys which would apply their effects to the scaling of canvas layers and would result in some confusing scaling and cropping behavior. Cropping no longer is allowed while utilizing the symmetrical and aspect-ratio conserving scaling modes that the CTRL and SHIFT keys allow for.

The bottom plane rendering of raster/text layers was a bit overkill and resulted in too much visual noise in some situations, it has been reduced to be less visually intrusive so that the state of the canvas is more clearly visible.

The "Flip" axis options for layers has been renamed to "Mirror" which is a more intuitive naming for them.

On slower systems while adjusting various raster-editing function parameters, as the canvas updates in realtime, if the user adjusted a parameter before the previous change has finished being reflected in a canvas rendering update the adjustment wouldn't be shown. This is was really only noticeable if it took a few hundred milliseconds to update the canvas with the users' changes. All changes always trigger a canvas render update now even if they are made before existing updates have finished.

There are a few other little tweaks and changes - those are always being made and sometimes not documented.


PixelCNC v1.51a (64-bit).zip 3 MB
Aug 03, 2021
PixelCNC v1.51a (32-bit).zip 3 MB
Aug 03, 2021
PixelCNC v1.51a Trial (64-bit).zip 3 MB
Aug 03, 2021
PixelCNC v1.51a Trial (32-bit).zip 3 MB
Aug 03, 2021


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Really wishing this ran on a Mac ...

I hear ya. At the moment the focus is just getting all the features in and the bugs ironed out but once we hit beta you can count on porting to Linux and OSX being a priority. A conservative estimate I'd say is by the end of the year.

Have you tried any of the recent versions in a VM? There were some issues with how the GPU was initialized for background compute and rendering that were changed up to (hopefully) facilitate cross-platform support when run on a VM. Let me know if you can manage to get it running via any kind of virtual machine because that would be useful to know and report to other users as well :)

Thanks, looking forward to trying it on MacOSX (or even RPi).

Happy to help with beta testing if that's a thing.

I have not used a VM so I cannot add much there.