v1.48a - Miscellaneous fixes

v1.48a was pushed to the auto-update system and the downloadable builds have been uploaded as of yesterday. One user reported an issue with the automatic updater not being able to install the software binaries - no ideas as to what the cause of that issue could be yet. Please continue reporting bugs and providing feedback on the forum guys!

This update primarily fixes a handful of bugs and issues that were found. Here's the changes.txt:


  • added user prompt to default configuration when canvas heightmap is too large, usually caused by corrupted config
  • improved raster-layer editing's 2D tiling function
  • improved project file size by removing extraneous unused info from toolpath data
  • changed maximum number of cutpaths allowed per operation toolpath from 256k to 512k
  • fixed bitshift operation used in toolpath shader causing INVALID OPERATION errors in logfile
  • fixed crash due to too many cutpaths being generated, now outputs a logfile message instead

Here's how the col/row raster-layer tiling function works now with v1.48a:

...back to making tutorial videos! :P


PixelCNC v1.48a (64-bit).zip 3 MB
May 09, 2021
PixelCNC v1.48a (32-bit).zip 3 MB
May 09, 2021
PixelCNC v1.48a Trial (64-bit).zip 3 MB
May 09, 2021
PixelCNC v1.48a Trial (32-bit).zip 3 MB
May 09, 2021

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