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PixelCNC: Fast/Easy CAM for Signs, Art, Engravings and More!

CAM software developed by artists for artists to create unique and original works on a 3-axis CNC router or mill. · By Deftware


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Fixed Auto-Update Crash on Startup - 20% Off Sale!
There was a formatting error with the auto-update metadata that caused PixelCNC to crash on startup affecting all versions of PixelCNC with auto-update capabili...
v1.50a - Smooth/Smudge Brushes, Model-Layer Scaling, Remove Layer Bottom, Metric Feedrates, Expression Evaluation, etc...
This update includes several features and a number of bug-fixes. This update lumps together feature requests made by users and includes some features that have...
4 files
v1.49a - Duplicate Layer fix
Just a quick hotfix for a crash that only occurred in release builds of PixelCNC when duplicating a selected layer. This wasn't occurring in debug builds and wa...
4 files
v1.48a - Miscellaneous fixes
v1.48a was pushed to the auto-update system and the downloadable builds have been uploaded as of yesterday. One user reported an issue with the automatic update...
4 files
v1.46a - Faster more precise contouring, dithered stipple improvements, text-layer crash fix, etc...
All kinds of little things have been improved and tweaked in v1.46a. There's not much in the way of large functionality. In my journey recording and editing tog...
4 files
v1.45a - Misc bugfixes and improvements
There's not a tremendous amount involved with this update, it's a rather small one that fixes a few things - some of which were introduced with v1.44a. Here's t...
4 files
v1.44a - Paths Carving, Tessellated Carving, Raster Tiling, Raster Tilt Angles, Profiling Cut Width, etc..
v1.44a is a rather large update! Remaining updates to be released will be much smaller as there's simply not much left to do other than fix bugs and add a few f...
4 files
v1.43a - Raster-Along-Paths, Adjust Levels, Expand/Contract, Draft Angle, Simplify/Subdivide Paths, and more!
This is a pretty significant update with some great new features for designing and crafting a project's canvas. The UI has also evolved a bit futher - things ha...
4 files
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Milling operations did not save name between projects.
started by Donnie Feb 10, 2018
4 replies
A coarse horizontal milling operation and fine step parallel finishing operation. (Note: If images are hard to see right...
started by Deftware Mar 20, 2018
1 reply
My wife is a printmaker and has been curious about carving linoleum blocks with our Xcarve. I dug up an old image of min...
started by themurr 7 days ago
2 replies
I love this software, but I have encountered a couple issues. I have a PC and a Mac, I have been running this in Paralle...
started by themurr 9 days ago
5 replies
Hi all...I may just be blind, but the site says there are example files available on the downloads page. All I see are d...
started by TonyaSWelch 31 days ago
1 reply
Hi! I recently bought your amazing program. Am really happy with all the features. Seems i can do almost all the tasks i...
started by Xalor64 68 days ago
5 replies
Hi Charlie, I’ve been doing my first experiments this week, and a few questions/suggestions popped up already: 1/ Does...
started by fordytes 77 days ago
1 reply
Hi, I am looking for the right software to carve 3d topographic map projects with my CNC, and am testing PixelCNC v1.46a...
started by fordytes 86 days ago
9 replies
Upgrading from a Cravewright system ( simple software - I'm a novice to CNC) to possibly the Shapeodo Pro. My applicatio...
started by Feb 26, 2021
3 replies
I finally have been using PixelCNC with my NomadPro3 and the latest release seems to crash more often. I have been tryin...
started by franckjl Feb 20, 2021
1 reply
Thank you for all that work. It will take me some time to digest all the new features. Stay safe.
started by eric berg Jan 17, 2021
No replies yet
I'm getting a chance to play around with your software again.....I do a lot of freehand drawing which I convert to 3d...
started by bushpig7 Dec 28, 2020
1 reply
Hi I just purchased the software, thinking that this was an easy to use software, but here I`m stuck. When starting a ne...
started by Dec 25, 2020
3 replies
Software crashes when inserting a raster layer imported from 5MB image file. I have recently purchased the full version...
started by JamesIOM Dec 19, 2020
1 reply
Hi Charlie, I have tried the softeare and am stuck at gettign a g-code file that will work with my CNC. I have tried the...
started by DJL54 Dec 02, 2020
7 replies
Hi Charlie, Hope you're well. I posted here last year about Parallels/VM support... Good news - I recently got my Window...
started by dandelany Dec 03, 2020
3 replies
Trying to download the trial but get a screen with no fonts. Running as administrator makes no difference. Tried previou...
started by DJL54 Nov 16, 2020
11 replies
my pic cnc prog. is gone I bought about a year ago
started by Mike Zimmer Oct 14, 2020
3 replies
I'm trying to use conform to give a better z finish on steep areas but controlling the stepover vs flat area and missing...
started by eric berg Oct 09, 2020
6 replies
I would like to re run say a toolpath in just the bottom left layer.
started by eric berg Jul 25, 2020
8 replies
aprox 720mm x 500mm x 19mm on walnut. cut time 35 hrs. tools used. 1/2 ball rough cut 1m stock to leave, 4m stepover. 1m...
started by eric berg Jul 26, 2020
No replies yet
ability to do math in input fields? I'm constatntly using my input boxes on most programs to do my math in. 502+ 28 *tab...
started by eric berg Jul 23, 2020
2 replies