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PixelCNC: Fast/Easy CAM for Signs, Engravings, Art, and More!

Generates a variety of 3-axis CNC router/mill toolpaths and G-code from images and models! · By Deftware Industries


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v1.34a - Coming August 1st!
Thought it would be a good idea to let the world know that work on PixelCNC has been constant and ongoing since the v1.33a update. The upcoming update is just w...
v1.33a - Outline Mode + Tabs, Improved Meshgen, Misc. Fixes/Changes
This is a small update comprising mostly bugfixes and changes that I felt should be released sooner rather than later. This version is actually a fork from v...
4 files
v1.32a - 32-bit Free Trial Performance Fixed
For unknown reasons the 32-bit version of the free-trial was experiencing CNC simulation performance issues. Re-uploaded fixed version (just re-compiled it and...
2 files
v1.32a - Ramp/Helical Engage, Rect. Meshing, Polyline Simplify, Improved Medial-Carve, Themes!
Builds for v1.32a are available for download. Lots of changes have taken place with this update, at least ones that are more visible than usual. Here's the chan...
4 files
v1.31a - Rest Machining, Cut Sorting, Model Bit-Depth, Spiral Offset...
Lots of snow happening in the California mountains over here. Our apple tree snapped in half and the power was out a few times over the last two weeks. Good tim...
4 files
v1.30a - 3D Model Import, Pocketing Operation, Improved SVG Import ...
v1.30a finally released! I planned to get this out sooner but the final testing before packaging everything up yielded two new bugs that I was compelled to squa...
4 files
Automatic Updates and 32/64 Bit Builds
I forgot to mention that the v1.29a automatic update will be delayed about a day while I square away some things involving the 32/64 bit dichotomy that's in pla...
v1.29a - Fixed Older Graphics/OpenGL Support, Much Improved Horizontal Toolpaths
Here's the changes.txt for v1.29a: horizontal milling toolpaths now handle islands in a more robust manner changed horizontal toolpath generation progress to sh...
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