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PixelCNC: Handy 3-Axis Mill/Router Toolpath Generation For Images!

A radical new CAM program for CNC artists to generate original and interesting toolpaths from 2D images! · By Deftware Industries


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Fixing Horizontal Milling Toolpaths...
Horizontal milling in PixelCNC has always been a bit fudgy. For many projects it gets the job done but for some projects it's less than ideal in the toolpaths t...
v1.27a - Fixed Medial-Carve Bug, New Logo/Icon... and new Trailer!
Here's the new PixelCNC trailer! Not very important for existing users, but now there's a short <2min video you can share if you want to let people know what pr...
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v1.26a - Conformal Toolpath, Fixed Labyrinth, Fixed Metric Stipple Bias, etc..
v1.26a has been released, as well as via the auto-update system. Here is the changes.txt: v1.26a - added "conformal" operation to generate form-following cont...
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Labyrinths somewhat broked! D:
Working on fixing labyrinth toolpath to be more reliable - and also not pop up infinite "encountered non-closed polyline!" error messages. v1.26a will hopefull...
v1.25a - G-code Post-Processor Support!
CNC G-code post-processing support has finally landed with v1.25a being released today. The caveat is that I've only included two posts... well, three, actually...
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Toolchange G-code broken in v1.24a
Just a heads up to anybody looking to use automatic toolchanging for their PixelCNC projects: I made the mistake of 'fixing' a 'typo' in the G-code generation f...
v1.24a - Fixed Broken Horizontal Milling Operation
There was a horizontal milling toolpath generation bugfix in v1.23a which went fine, except for the fact that it broke the cut path ordering part of the algori...
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v1.23a - Intel Gfx Fix, New Simulation Render, Op Coolant, Better Stipple, Bugfixes... What's Next?
Pushed v1.23a update via auto-update system. Please share your experience using the auto-update installer, which has been added into PixelCNC since v1.20a. The...
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