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v1.43a - Raster-Along-Paths, Adjust Levels, Expand/Contract, Draft Angle, Simplify/Subdivide Paths, and more!
This is a pretty significant update with some great new features for designing and crafting a project's canvas. The UI has also evolved a bit futher - things ha...
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v1.42a - Post-Processor Selection Dialog Hotfix
This is an update which fixes a bug on the G-code export dialog involving the post-processor selection. This bug has apparently been around for a few versions a...
4 files
v1.41a - G-Code Export Dialog, Per-Tool Measure Units, DXF Import, UI Improvements, and more!
v1.41a is here! Users should be able to receive it via automatic updates for both the paid and trial versions of PixelCNC - with the free trial including automa...
v1.40a - Undo/Redo, Path-Sweeps, Merge-Down Paths, Rectangle Select Paths/Nodes, UI Icons, Etcetera...
I've decided to start posting a screenshot of what PixelCNC looks like with a generic test-project open, so users can see the immediate differences in the inter...
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v1.39a - Models/Text to Raster, New Shading/Lighting, Improved Brush-Stroke & Paths-to-Raster Shape Generation, Bugfixes...
This is not a very big update, and it's a bit overdue. This update is a 50/50 split between new features/enhancements and bug fixes. This last month has been a...
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v1.38a - Hotfix for loading projects with text-layers...
This update is not relevant to the free trial as project files cannot be saved/loaded and comes only as an automatic update for users of the full version. Afte...
v1.37a - Text Layers, Raster-Editing, Trace Canvas/Layers to Paths, Stroke Paths to Raster-Layer, etc...
v1.37a not only took a lot longer to get out than I had hoped but also comes with a changelist that's right up there in size with v1.34a - which was the biggest...
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20% Off Summer Sale!
Opted to put a summer sale price on PixelCNC while the canvas system is not 100% complete. In fact it's closer to 50% complete - much of the most useful feature...
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