v1.42a - Post-Processor Selection Dialog Hotfix

This is an update which fixes a bug on the G-code export dialog involving the post-processor selection. This bug has apparently been around for a few versions and somehow managed to slip by unnoticed for months. Users were able to click the post-processor selection button and choose another post to be used when exporting G-code as intended. However, after selecting a post the button would cease to work - it would no longer pop up an "Open File" dialog box, even after re-starting PixelCNC. The only way users could get around the bug was to default their configuration via the Config menu and then the post selection button would work properly again.

Automatic updates have already been put into effect, and anybody who is unable to use the auto-update system can download and manually install the v1.42a builds that have been uploaded. v1.41a downloads have been completely removed because v1.42a is virtually identical otherwise.

Also, the post-processors have been changed to default to UseSpindle being enabled, so that exported G-code includes spindle command blocks as was the case pre-v1.41a. Coolant and toolchange command blocks are still disabled in the default posts as with v1.41a.

Back to the grind!


PixelCNC v1.42a (64-bit).zip 2 MB
Mar 28, 2020
PixelCNC v1.42a (32-bit).zip 2 MB
Mar 28, 2020
PixelCNC v1.42a Trial (64-bit).zip 2 MB
Mar 28, 2020
PixelCNC v1.42a Trial (32-bit).zip 2 MB
Mar 28, 2020

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Is there any plan for a Mac port of PixelCNC?

If so please let me know how to get on the waiting list.


Hi Scribs, thanks for your interest in PixelCNC!

There's tentative plans to port PixelCNC to Mac and Linux. You're not the first person to ask about a port though so it's clear that there is a bit of demand for them! It likely won't be at least until toward the end of the year, at the very soonest, after all the planned features are implemented and bugfixes and polish are about all that's left to be done. I don't own a Mac or have any experience developing for/on one so that would be a bit of a project unto itself though a friend of mine has some experience and might be able to take care of at least a Mac port, so it's not something that's completely out of the realm of possibility. I may have to figure out the Linux port myself, with my minimal experience setting up and maintaining crypto mining rigs :P

You can check out the PixelCNC devlog where I document all of the new features/functionality/changes/bugfixes with each release and add yourself as a follower to be notified when I post about new versions. I title posts with the most pertinent aspects of each version released, so you should be able to see at a glance whether or not a new version includes ports for other platforms without having to actually scour the post's contents. New versions are released every 2-3 months typically, so you'd likely experience just a handful of notifications before a Mac port comes around.

Otherwise I'd suggest just checking back here every few months. We'll be moving from itch.io over to shopify.com in a few months but this page will still exist at least just to point people to the new site once it's all setup, and possibly continue serving as PixelCNC's online community.

Thanks again! :)