Todo: so many things to do... where to begin?

I keep my IDE open 24/7, just like I keep my computer on 24/7, just like I try to keep myself on 24/7. I have adapted to what I think people refer to as the 'Da Vinci' sleep cycle. 30 minutes of sleep every few hours. This lends itself well to a perpetual low-grade mania that squeezes every last drop of motivation and excitement from your neurons - suppressing serotonin, which counterbalances dopamine/norepinephrine in the brain. The end result? Sleep-deprivation induced seizures. That's why every 2-3 days I take a 3-5 hours nap from 10pm to 3am. Any sleep beyond that and I'm an apathetic serotonin-drowned zombie.

At any rate! Discussing the way forward with an old friend of mine the current best-case scenario, to my mind, is one that expands the potential user base for PixelCNC. How can it be made useful for more people? Right off the hop I can think of one huge limitation that will deter a giant portion of the potential market: lack of support for metric units of measurement. I grew up with imperial, as unintuitive as it has been, and in all my days of CNC with all the precision measuring tools and established methodologies all being in imperial over here it's easy to overlook just how many people in the DIY hobby maker CNC scene work exclusively in metric. 

So right now that is priority number one. It will be an option in the CNC/CAM settings accessible from the Config menu, but perhaps I should just have PixelCNC open a 'first-time run' dialog for new users which inquires as to which units they want to work with, that way there won't be the chance that new users miss the option in the user configuration settings.

There are a bunch of other tidbits to sift through in my todo.txt floating in PixelCNC's source code folder that I've started prioritizing by absolute necessity but today I get to run the CNC and get some footage of actually making a project from beginning to end for demonstrating the speed and efficacy of the PixelCNC workflow. It should end up a 3-5 minute video which can be boiled down into a 5-10 second gif that gets the idea of PixelCNC across crystal clear.

Hrm, not having support for metric on launch is kind of bugging me, the vast majority of the maker sccene works with metric! Doh!

Live and learn I guess.

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