v1.14a - Parallel toolpath bugfix, image auto-contrast, CAM/mesh quality improved

Made a new blog post for those interested to know the state of things regarding my three ongoing projects, where they stand, and what my long-term goals and visions are with them.

As for PixelCNC, v1.14a is released. I will continue releasing the trial versions as stand-alone self-contained zip files, but as long as updates are rather incremental I will only be releasing update patches for the paid version - which requires that new customers download the most recent self-contained minor version zip file. This means that the latest patch version is optional,  as it includes the latest bugfixes and tweaks, but is not necessarily required to actually run and use PixelCNC.

Whenever smaller feature additions are made the minor version will increment, and the version will raise to the next 0.1 increment, which will result in the existing standalone paid version of PixelCNC to be replaced with a new standalone version. Minor bugfixes and changes will only increment the patch version, bringing PixelCNC to the next 0.01 version increment.

Whenever there are large changes and features there will be a major 1.0 version number increment.

PixelCNC will enter beta when all major features have finally been implemented and all that remains is testing and tweaking. PixelCNC may remain in beta indefinitely, and if it ever does leave beta version it would only be to signify that development has ceased.


 - fixed parallel operation toolpath generation problem with different project origins
 - fixed non-mixed direction operations leaving sizable margin at the end of cuts
 - changed max pixels-per-inch input resizing threshold from 110 to 150
 - added automatic contrast for images that fail to occupy full brightness range
 - simulation texture auto-contrasts for when cuts are not as deep as project Z depth
 - increased mesh resolution of project image preview, simulation, and CAM algorithms
 - tweaked memory allocations for hardware geometry rendering system
 - fixed statusbar strobing to help grab user's attention
 - added "set tool" status message to provide indication tool parms were applied
 - stipple grays out cutdepth/maxdepth parms, as they're unused and cause confusion


PixelCNC v1.14a Update (requires v1.13a) 147 kB
Feb 23, 2018
PixelCNC v1.14a (Trial) 1 MB
Feb 23, 2018

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