Toolchange G-code broken in v1.24a

Just a heads up to anybody looking to use automatic toolchanging for their PixelCNC projects: I made the mistake of 'fixing' a 'typo' in the G-code generation for spurring a toolchange in machines with automatic toolchanging capability, and moved the 'T' register part after the M6 command, the way XYZ coordinates are specified after a G0/1/2/3 as parameters. This is in spite of Mach3 changing the tool on an M6 to whatever the T register is set to when the M6 is encountered, so setting the desired tool's index after an M6 will not result in a toolchange, and the next operation will be performed with the tool that was already in the chuck.

It's suggested users manually edit PixelCNC's G-code output, if they plan to use automatic tool changing, and move the T# register part of the line before the M6 it follows.

I'm debating releasing a hotfix but I'm only days from getting post-processor functionality released, and there's only a few dozen PixelCNC users currently, most of which I'm assuming have no automatic tool change capability anyway, and I've encountered some CNC controller implementations which seem to still account for the T# tool index register section of the toolchange command regardless.

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