v1.26a - Conformal Toolpath, Fixed Labyrinth, Fixed Metric Stipple Bias, etc..

v1.26a has been released, as well as via the auto-update system. Here is the changes.txt:


 - added "conformal" operation to generate form-following contouring cut paths
 - added a window margin for tooltip popups
 - added debugging logprint information to stipple operation
 - reduced size of the OCR A font
 - fixed default project-save filepath reverting to originally opened project's filepath even after saving with a different filepath
 - fixed stipple bias for metric projects to be a normalized fraction of tool diameter to match inches project mode
 - fixed stipple advection having 25.4x less of an effect with metric mode projects
 - fixed debug 'toolpath.png' image being written to disk after creating an operation
 - fixed memory leaks caused if an operation errors out while generating toolpath
 - fixed simulation raymarch shader extending beyond boundaries of project
 - fixed operation generation mutex staying locked if toolpath generation errors out

The new conformal operation was an idea I had the other day that I thought I'd try to hammer out real quick for v1.26a - which was originally just going to be a hotfix update with some bugfixes. I figured adding a new operation would make it a bit more interesting :)

The conformal operation works similar to the parallel operation except that it includes some parameters for controlling toolpath perturberation and the smoothness of the displacement imposed by the perturberation parameter. The end result is that toolpaths follow forms horizontally, as well as vertically.

Above you can see how the cuts are moving along the forms from the input image in a more interesting way, 'conforming' to the shape.

This can be leveraged to create more interesting copper-plate style halftones:


PixelCNC v1.26a - Full Version 3 MB
Oct 31, 2018
PixelCNC v1.26a - Free Trial 1 MB
Oct 31, 2018

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