v1.27a - Fixed Medial-Carve Bug, New Logo/Icon... and new Trailer!

Here's the new PixelCNC trailer! Not very important for existing users, but now there's a short <2min video you can share if you want to let people know what program you're using for your artistic CAM needs ;)

Anywho, I wasn't planning on releasing such a small update but I figured it was a good idea considering that I just finished and uploaded the first PixelCNC trailer video - which I assume will attract more users, and I didn't want them to encounter medial-carve toolpaths that were kinda glitchy due to the problem introduced with v1.26a.

The PixelCNC logo/icon have been updated to be less... fruity, so I wanted whatever version people download after encountering the trailer to match the logo they see in the trailer.

There's a new font you can access from the Config->Appearance Settings panel called 'KaiTi'. I was working on getting some other more legible and nice-looking fonts in there but it's going to involve tweaking some UI stuff first because most of them are a pixel or two too big and are cut-off at the bottom of half of the little textboxes in the UI.

The operation(s) for doing inlay stuff haven't been done yet, but I have a clear idea of how to get there. Basically there will be a new "pocket" operation, which will allow users to pick a "level" (between 0-100 percent, just like with the Outline operation) which serves as the brightness level in the project image to use as the boundary between inside/outside the pocket. Then it will perform a horizontal milling type toolpath generation which will hollow out any/all pockets that exist on the outside of the level parameter. This, in combination with an 'offset' parameter will be able to knock out the insides of V-carves that are left behind by the V-bit after it has only traversed along the perimeter of the forms in the image. The medial-carve operation will be modified to also generate code for a v-bit to remove areas that a flat end mill will not be able to reach when it performs a pocket operation.

I'm not exactly sure how to present all of this within PixelCNC's interface, because it will be a little clunky having to juggle a few separate operations which are all affected by what each other is set up to do. Perhaps some kind of automated inlay dialog that spits out 2-3 separate operations? Or just create a whole new "inlay" operation that requires selecting a V-bit *and* a flat end mill tool (interesting) and specifying all the relevant parameters in one go?

We'll see.

I've also been wanting to create a sort of auto-3D type operation (like what you see above), where you can load up a simple black/white binary design image for something and it creates nice looking 3D shapes from it using some combination of a distance transform and running that through some kind of math function. I think I have an idea for doing something even a level beyond that, and it would be a killer feature!


PixelCNC v1.27a - Full Version 3 MB
Nov 24, 2018
PixelCNC v1.27a - Free Trial 2 MB
Nov 24, 2018

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