Automatic Updates and 32/64 Bit Builds

I forgot to mention that the v1.29a automatic update will be delayed about a day while I square away some things involving the 32/64 bit dichotomy that's in play now. Everybody running PixelCNC is running a 32-bit version, and that will automatically update to the 32-bit version of v1.29a starting by this time tomorrow. However, users who are running a 64-bit version of Windows should make it a point to download the 64-bit version of v1.29a manually, as there will be no other way to switch to the 64-bit version via automatic updating - at least for now. Once users have the 64-bit version of PixelCNC setup it will keep itself automatically updated with 64-bit releases.

I mentioned this in the devlog but I feel it's worth reiterating here: users should switch to the 64-bit version if they can to avoid out-of-memory issues inherent to 32-bit software that is memory intensive, like PixelCNC. 32-bit builds of future PixelCNC versions will continue to be released alongside the 64-bit builds but are offered only as an option for users who cannot run the 64-bit version due to not having a 64-bit computer or version of Windows installed.

Thanks everyone, and happy CNCing!

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